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Major Fishing Trips

The club schedules five week-long fishing trips between May and September each year; four to B.C. lakes and one to a West Coast destination. All four of the lake trips have resort accommodations with comfortable cabins and all the facilities for enjoyable fishing.  During the West Coast trip, members stay at a well-maintained Provincial campsite.  Members are responsible for looking after their own expenses during these trips and often share accommodations and boats.


Sheridan Lake: The first trip of the year is to Sheridan Lake which is situated  along Highway 24, the “Fishing Highway”, 32 km southeast of the village of 93 Mile House on Highway 97 or 70 km from Little Fort on Highway 5 in the B.C. Cariboo.  This lake is one of the best stocked lakes in the region with rainbow, brook and lake trout over 16 lb.  Club members often land trout in the 3 to 6+ lb range.  Club members stay at the Loon Bay Resort where there are six 1- and 2-bedroom cabins, each with 2- or 3-piece bathrooms, plus there are both full-serviced RV and tent accommodations.  Check the Club Calendar page for trip dates.

Lac Des Roches: Our second major fishing trip is to Lac Des Roche, also situated long Highway 24, the "Fishing Highway".  This lake is new for 2024, offering a greater variety of fishing opportunities for gang trollers to fly fishers.  This lake has plentiful rainbow trout usually ranging from 12 to 16 inches long.  Club members stay at the Lac Des Roches Resort which has cabins, campsites and boat rentals..  Trip dates on Club Calendar page.

Tlupana Inlet Bert and Salmon.jpg

Tlupana Inlet: Saltwater salmon fishing at Tlupana Inlet is the third major trip. Members stay at the Cougar Creek Provincial campsite on the shores of Tlupana Inlet situated 30 km west-southwest of the town of Gold River on Vancouver Island.  The campsite is accessible by a well-maintained gravel logging roads approximately 50 km by road from Gold River.  The inlet is sheltered from severe weather and the campsite is well-maintained with a boat launch and dock.  Members are responsible for their shelter, food and supplies during their stay.  The inlet is known locally as a good place to fish for spring and coho salmon plus halibut.  Trip dates on Club Calendar page.

Puntzi Lake: This fourth trip is new on our schedule since 2021.  Located west of Williams Lake in the Chilcotin District, this large, deep lake offers excellent fishing using gang trolling.  Both rainbows and kokanee inhabit these waters.  We will be staying at the Woodlands Fishing Resort. Trip dates on Club Calendar page.

Puntzi Lake 2.png

White Lake: Our final major fishing trip for the year is White Lake, situated off of Highway 1, between Sorrento and Salmon Arm in the B.C. interior.  The lake is easily accessible by a good road joining Highway 1 approximately 14 km east of Sorrento and leading northward for 7 km to the lake.  Members stay at the Pinnacles' White Lake Resort which has 10 well-equipped cabins and 38 RV sites, plus boat rentals.  The lake is known for its crystal clear and cold waters with some of the best trout fishing in B.C.  Rainbow trout, often over 6 lb, are caught best by fly fishing or gang trolling from a boat.  This is one of the club’s favourite places because of its fishing and beautiful scenery.  Trip dates on Club Calendar page.

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